Richer than Batman - David Bray collaboration

Richer than Batman - David Bray collaboration

As a designer, many years ago, I've always found joy collaborating with others. Instinctively it felt like a natural way of working. In the art realm it is more often to not based around solo exploration and self discovery. 

The Rich Enough to be Batman series has provided me with endless enjoyment creating them, but occasionally I want to push myself further and see what's possible, so I once again embarked on a discovery to collaborate with an artist who I felt could do something interesting together with. 

I've been fortunate to have exhibited with David several times in the past, mostly through ACE Club. I have always admired his style and approach to art. I knew I'd love to collaborate with David, but couldn't think of how. So a few months ago I approached him with the idea and confessed that I didn't know how we could make it work, but trusted that we could find a way. Thankfully David felt the same. So I left David with a vague brief and wished him well.

The result wasn't blew me away. David's fluid style left me in awe. It's raw and gritty which I love in contrast to the iconic face of Her Majesty.

David wrote "Secret never to be told" in his rather distressed hand written style. Hand finished at the bottom with the words "Richer than Batman" which we decided to name this piece.

My contribution was finding a colour palette. I felt it was important to try something new and fresh. I spent time glancing through David's previous work, until I realised he often uses muted tints with an accent of colour. I mixed a blue gray for the background and complimented the face with a hint of blue black. The finishing touch was to find a colour to draw attention to. That's when it clicked to me it needed to be something rather special, so I added gold leaf.

We have produced 50 prints, dual signed and numbered.
Available online now for £150

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