Stop the bloodshed

Angered by the needless bloodshed in Syria, I felt incensed to create a new piece. Titled "High Justice" it depicts the bloodshed created by Russian bombing campaigns over Aleppo.

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Rich Enough to be Batman?

This is the question that inspired “Rich Enough to be Batman”, a print that has become a best seller. The print depicting the Queen wearing a Batman mask, provokes a pressing question about wealth and social contribution. If you had enough money would you become Batman and use your money to fight crime and protect the vulnerable? Or would you splash out on expensive things for your own pleasure?

The idea came about when reading the Sunday Times Rich List that is published annually. I’ve always questioned the purpose of this. Is it for everyone to collectively celebrate the success of the richest 100 people worldwide, or simply to rub our noses in the fact about how far behind the rest of us are from having such wealth.

These days, it seems you can’t open a newspaper or turn on a TV without being bombarded by news involving exploitation of wealth. In recent weeks, the headlines have been dominated by the collapse of BHS and how Phillip Green (net worth £3.6Bn) has been accused to ciphering money out before its collapse. And about how Mike Ashley (net worth US$6Bn) has been refusing to pay his staff minimum wage while he goes on spending sprees buying mansion, super yachts and jet planes. 

Of course not all billionaires are self-serving - Bill and Melinda Gates (net wealth US$78.5) are well know for their philanthropy and good deeds. Mark Zuckerberg and his wife recently announced they would give the majority of their wealth over the course of their lives to "advancing human potential and promoting equality". 

 In a world where wealth is become concentrated into the hands of a ultra rich elite though, the question remains: how rich do you need to be before you become Batman?

See the full Rich Enough to be Batman collection here.

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Back in the studio to finalise "In Brands we Trust"

It's been a thrill to work with Jealous Studios this week on my latest print "In Brands we Trust". The idea for this print has been sitting around in my studio for half a year not knowing quite what to do with it. But finally it's come together - and I'm excited to see it printed large (594 x 841mm / 23.4 x 33.1 in).

The idea for the print was to create a mock idol by galvanising a Malibu Barbie figure with the Virgin Mary. Brands have such a profound impact on our daily lives it's raises the question if religious faith can compete.

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Untitled print

An untitled print that I've yet to finish, yet I have exposed it to the natural elements and seasons for over a year now. It's been a fascinating exploration to see how the transformation of paper and elements change in some unexpected ways. The work continues whilst I consider how I will use it exactly.

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Urban Art Brixton - open art fair 9th & 10th July

Join me on the 9th July when I make my debut appearance exhibiting at Urban Art BrixtonNow celebrating their 15th year, South London’s tree-lined street, Josephine Avenue, will once again be transformed into a bustling open air Art Fair Saturday and Sunday, free entry 10am to 6pm.

Come by and say hello. I'll be joining over 200 exhibitors who you can buy direct from the artists ranging in disciplines; Painting, Printmaking, Photography, Mixed Media and Street Art.

UPDATE: Had a great day meeting loads of different people. Those that stopped to look at my collections seemed to really connect with my work. My latest work, In Brands we Trust, proved to be one of the most popular - unless you ask the scores of young kids who all shouted "Wow, Batman!" as their parents grabbed them away from my area.

Certainly hoping to attend next years event. In the meantime, sign up to my newsletter if you'd like to know which other art fairs and exhibits my work will be appearing in next.

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Masks of Fear

There's always an excitement from watching an idea develop from concept to print. This week I'm particularly excited to be in Yeti Screenprint's studio to watch my latest print edition (Masks of Fear) come to life with ink.

This collection follows the zeitgeist of current political demagogues. Specifically exploring the theme of political prejudice with the juxtaposition of controversial political figures against their adversaries 'masks of fear'.

Big thanks to Ed for his efforts.

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