ACE Club

ACE Club

Today marks the launch of ACE Club. Doors open at The Union Club, Soho, London for two days only.

The ACE Club is a collective of some of the UK’s most celebrated and emerging artists, featuring: Andrew Millar, Schoony, RYCA, Rugman, David Bray, Victoria Topping, Jessica Albarn, Shuby, Tim Fowler, Pam Glew and myself.

The ACE Club launches it first collection at a private view on Mon, 4 June 2018 12- 8pm followed by its public view Tue, 5 June 12- 5pm, nishing with an event party 6:00 –11:30pm at the Union Club on Greek Street in Soho, London.

The event will see an esteemed guest, and artists mix with fans, collectors and people passionate about art. There will be original pieces available from each artist, plus 10 limited editions prints of each selling at £100 each. The prints are hand finished by each artist, making each one unique.

About ACE Club

Every generation there is some kind of revolt against the art establishment. In 1988
a collective of radical young British artists staged an exhibition together, creating a movement that would later became known as Brit Art. It’s purpose was to re-contextualize modern art using new materials, often using ‘found objects’, and adopting new processes to make work with it. It was a dramatic and highly creative period, and yet one that has left more people bewildered than encapsulated by what it achieved.

In many ways the Brit Art revolution changed nothing. Some of its most celebrated members quickly rose to super stardom, pampered by wealth, their work becoming commodities traded and hoarded by rich individuals. Like so many previous movements it very quickly became exclusive, elitist and isolated - a new version of the establishment in had set out to subvert.

ACE Club plans to break this cycle. It doesn’t just want to become the next-new-thing, our objective is to change the game.

ACE Club’s DNA is in the dynamism of street art, activism, music, and graphic design.

It's work challenges the norms of art. Moving away from the abstract and conceptual to forms that relate to culture and socio-political themes that are shaping our current lives. It is art that invites people in; to engage, to discuss, but most importantly to be experienced and to live on everyone’s walls.

ACE Club's mission is to make, share and sell great art that is accessible to everyone, that lives in public places and people’s homes, not locked up in storage facilities and private galleries.

For information check out ACE Club

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