Everpress x Heath Kane

Everpress x Heath Kane

I've teamed up with the good folk from Everpress – an online retailer and production outfit specialising in designer garments. Together, we’re collaborating on an exciting venture: the launch of a limited-run of “Rich Enough to be Batman.” These are now available for purchase, with a limited-time release spanning from today until May 9th. This unique collection features the iconic phrase “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche,” (translated “Let them eat cake”), as a nod to the famous Marie-Antoinette quote. A portion of every sale will directly support my local Foodbank and other Foodbank's across the country.

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Why Food Bank?
In Britain, an increasing number of people are relying on food banks. Approximately 3% of families in the UK, which translates to at least 2.1 million individuals, turn to food banks for assistance. For those who may not be familiar with the concept, let me shed some light: food banks resemble supermarkets, but with a crucial difference—everything is free. They exist to aid individuals who struggle to afford enough food to sustain themselves. The tireless efforts of volunteers play a vital role in this fight against poverty.

Here’s how it works: donated non-perishable food and essential items are collected by food banks. These dedicated volunteers then meticulously sort these items into parcels, which are subsequently distributed to those in need.

A portion of every sale from my T-shirt collection will directly contribute to the @uttlesfordfoodbank, in collaboration with The Trussell Trust Food Bank charity. Your support can make a significant impact in helping those facing food insecurity.

I’m delighted to receive backing from numerous individuals, particularly from long-standing friends and followers like Leigh Francis, Kojey Radical, Grant Nicolas (the lead singer of Feeder), Nick Collier (also known as Ella Vaday from Ru Paul’s Drag Race), and many more. I’ll be posting about this soon.

Remember, everyone can contribute. If you’re able, please help spread the word. It really is a worthy cause – significantly impacting those in society who need it most.

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