Face Value 2

Face Value 2

So I was back at Jealous East Gallery,  last night for a private viewing of a group show I am thrilled to be part of titled “Face Value 2” curated by Gary Mansfield .  All proceeds going to The Katie Piper Foundation.

I met Gary a few months ago when he asked to interview me for his podcast and I was very excited when I was invited to take part in this show alongside artists like Ben Eine and the Connor Brothers to name just a few.

There are 60 artists are putting their work on the line for charity as part of a bold exhibition called Face Value 2. The exhibition is about exploring human vulnerabilities and  seeing how artists react to someone else take control of their work.  All the proceeds of sale go to The Katie Piper Foundation.

Half of the artists have donated artworks, while the other half of will be working over the top of that piece. I was lucky to be teamed up with Alexander Chappell.  His work is truly breathtaking, so much so I couldn’t bring myself to work over his.  So ,what I decided to do was was create my own piece which I juxtapose it next to his and flip it 180 degrees. I finally got to finally meet Alexander in person last night and I’m pleased to say he was very happy with our piece.  

The show is running from 8th - 18th June at Jealous East, Shoreditch.   


Alexandrer Chappell and Heath Kane collaboration at Jealous Gallery for FaceValue2

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