Careful What You Read (Original)

Careful What You Read (Original)


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Medium: Screenprint and acrylic paint on plywood
Year: 2023
Size: 41.5 x 59 cm  | 16.3 x 23.2 in
Framed size: 45 x 62 cm  | 17.7 x 24.4 in

"People believe anything they read these days "


Propaganda is everywhere. It’s all around us. Political parties and media institutions have long been using propaganda to drive us apart. They hone in on our differences in an attempt to polarise us. Propaganda has traditionally always been a mass of work representing one dictatorial voice. Happy Propaganda is the opposite -  it isn’t just art; it’s a movement of multiple voices coming together to challenge institutional thinking.

The pieces in the collection take inspiration from traditional propaganda posters with a twist of sarcasm and subversive parody. Influenced by John Carpenter’s film They Live, the collection aims to open our eyes to propaganda so we fully see the subliminal messages we're being told to obey. Thirty years later, we’re still being pulled into a propaganda machine that we can’t seem to get away from.

Now is our chance to disarm the machine by quite simply not believing everything we read. Let’s come together and spread Happy Propaganda. Let’s eliminate the ‘them’ and ‘us’ culture and work in allyship as people who really do give a shit about one another.