In Brands we Trust - Halo A1 with gold glitter branded halo by Heath Kane

Barbie Halo Edition A1


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Medium: 3 Colour Screenprint on Southbank Coarse 310gsm paper
Special: Gold glitter with phosphorescent ink
Year: 2021
Edition: 30
Size: 59.4cm (w) x 84.1cm (h)
Signed and numbered

This artwork is sold unframed
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“Brands have such a profound impact on our daily lives it's raises the question if religious faith can compete.”



‘In Brands we Trust’ is designed to look on the surface like a classic piece of pop art – juxtaposing Barbie’s face with an image of the Virgin Mary. But the light facade masks a deeper question about consumerism. Whereas Pop Art fetishised consumerism, ‘In Brands we Trust’ challenges it. In March 2016 two people were shot and seriously injured in America when Nike released a new version of its Air Jordan 2 Retro shoes. ‘In Brands we Trust’ ponders the question ‘have brands become our new religion?’ And if so are they encouraging division and extremism? 

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