Masks of Fear - Jung-un by Heath Kane

Masks of Fear - Jung-un - A5 size

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Lithographical print on high quality 225gsm Matt paper
Year: 2017
Edition: Open (signed prints)
Size: 14.8cm (w) x 21.0 (h)

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"Exploring the theme of political prejudice juxtaposed against their adversary ‘masks of fear'. "


The darkly satirical pop-art portraits which make up the Masks of Fear collection explore the new age of world leaders. How have we reached the stage where leaders of the free world are now so disaffected they become biased and blasé. What is it that drives their campaigns of fear? The collection speaks of Trump’s xenophobic traits against Mexicans, Kim Jung-un’s deep resentment for western society, and Putin’s views on the LGBH community and the infamous Pussy Riot movement. With more and more people engaging in the current political climate, Masks of Fear is not just intended as a zeitgeist piece, but is a talking piece that captures a (shit) moment in time.