New Print Release: Question Authority and Fact Check

New Print Release: Question Authority and Fact Check

This month's brand new print release is a duo of hand-finished political road signs. Aptly named Question Authority and Fact Check. Both are part of my new Happy Propaganda collection that aims to open our eyes to propaganda so we fully see the subliminal messages we're being told to obey.

These pieces are inspired by traditional road signs with my usual twist of sarcasm and subversive parody.

Whether we're questioning authority in the current fucked up political landscape, or more simply questioning who and what we listen to, we can all relate to Question Authority - on a personal or political level.

Fact Check is a nod to the data-driven world we live in today. How do we know what's true and what's false? Despite living in a world where political choice seems to be something of a commodity, we are not sheep! The governing forces should be reminded that we don't work for them, they work for us.

Both releases are 2 Colour Screenprints with hand-finished acrylic painting and are 70 (w) x 70cm (h) and signed and numbered. They are £295 (unframed) + free delivery.

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