New Digital Print Editions

New Digital Print Editions

I'm super excited to announce the release of a whole new digital print collection, now available online.

I've been working for a while on releasing a digital print collection that allows you to choose a past print and have it printed in any size, to suit your space. Well, it's finally finished.

You'll see in most of the older collections there are now two new tabs that say SCREENPRINTS and DIGITAL PRINTS. Within these tabs you'll either find my collection of hand-printed screenprints or our new giclee digital prints.

Our digital prints allow you size flexibility (A5 to A1) and are a more affordable option than screenprints. A5 digital prints start from just £20.

I should stress that these digital prints are not your average lithographic prints. They are the highest quality giclée prints, printed on archival paper which means they last virtually forever and will never fade. Every digital print is still limited edition, and unlike the old digital A5 lithographic prints, these prints are really high quality. I promise.

Investment Art

One thing you'll notice on all the digital print pages is a pricing matrix with 5 tiers of prices for each size. We are introducing the idea of 'investment art'. For a long time I have resisted - in fact I have been rather repelled by the idea of investment art. I have always wanted to make my art as inclusive and affordable as possible. But we now live in a world where we consume almost as quickly as we disregard and throw away.

For this reason, I’ve been made to rethink my approach to selling art. I want everyone to benefit from investing in affordable art by finding a way for it to immediately increase in value once you own it, so that it isn't just another pointless consumption item.

To do this I'm trialling a new method of selling my art. If you purchase a new item near the beginning of an edition release then you will pay less for the item. If you buy a print later in the edition release then you will pay a higher price. Either way, whenever you buy a print you will always know that it will increase in value. All prints will be limited edition, whether screen prints or digital prints, but each edition will be split into pricing tiers. Once a pricing tier has sold out, you won't be able to get that print at the same price again.

In a nutshell, the sooner you buy the better.

See all of the new digital prints here

To read more about investment art click here

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