Stella Artois Unfiltered - The Kings Head

Stella Artois Unfiltered - The Kings Head

Earlier this year I was asked to work with Stella Artois on a top secret project on their mission to help pubs. The Pub Renaissance campaign is a new art collection curated by the beer brand, to reimagine classic pub signs as nude artwork.

The UK is being stripped of it’s pubs with over 400 closing in the last year. To help, Stella wanted to reimagine classic pub signs in their Au Naturel, Unfiltered form. There are in total eleven pieces of art from a selection of artists including Reuben Dangoor and Samuel Rees-Price.

I was asked to design a re-imagined pub sign for The Kings Head. Designed as a  screenprint, with acrylic hand-finishing, The Kings Head is a slightly risque, contemporised version of the classic sign, featuring the future King Charles. The piece ties in nicely with his upcoming coronation.

I wanted to challenge the original depiction of The Kings Head and play with the colour and overall style. It was important to me not to disprespect the future King but to play to his sense of character. 

The original pieces of art will be up for auction with The Auction Collective from 22nd March 2023. You can bid on any of the pieces on their website here. Digital prints of my piece can also be purchased directly though Stella Artois here.

The Kings Head - Stella Artois Pub sign by Heath Kane

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