The art of xenophobia

The art of xenophobia


Australian born London-based artist, Heath Kane, has been making some explosive noise in the art world. So much so, that his limited edition Masks of Fear collection has become so popular, both his Trump and Jong-un prints have sold out, leaving only a handful of prints up for grabs as collector pieces.

Kane’s gift for visualizing questions about wealth, political and social justice has caught the undivided attention of the art world, seeing his pieces featured across various publications and blogs such as The Jealous Curator and Crave.

Who are the people behind these masks of fear running some of the most powerful countries in the world? This is the question beautifully regurgitated to form sensational pop-art portraits.

The Masks of Fear collection conveys Trump’s xenophobic traits against Mexicans and other targeted ethnic groups, Kim Jung-un’s deep resentment for western society and Putin’s views connected to the LGBT community and the infamous Pussy Riot movement.

With a record number of people taking showing an interest in politics this year, this has resonated with the global art community; acting as one of the catalysts to propel Kane into the exclusive art world amidst a political pop art outburst.

For those of you that would like to grasp one of the last remaining limited edition prints for your art collection, view the Masks of Fear collection here

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