Josh Criswell

Josh Criswell is a painter, printmaker and art educator from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. His work delves into the paradoxes of life, where danger and violence intertwine with growth and decline, symbolizing the impermanence of all things. Criswell’s art highlights the dark, subversive underbelly beneath life’s glossy surface, often featuring skulls as a stark reminder of our mortality that’s frequently at odds with earthly pleasures.

Hand carved linocuts are his preferred medium. Through carefully planned compositions, juxtaposition, and a slight obsession with symmetry, Criswell aims to create images that he would like to see in the world. Influenced by Hip Hop, Hardcore, and Punk Rock, his pieces often reflect the style of those cultures.

Criswell has showcased his work at various galleries, including the Nevin Kelly Gallery in Washington D.C., Point Five Gallery, and the Vestige Concept Gallery in Pittsburgh. His art has found its way into private collections worldwide.

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