Immoral Code - Stop Killer Robots!

Immoral Code - Stop Killer Robots!

Last Thursday saw the premiere of Immoral Code: a campaign and documentary that contemplates the impact of Killer Robots in an increasingly automated world.  The documentary explores the idea that as machines begin to make decisions for us, at what point will they decide who to kill or what to destroy.

The documentary also explores the increasing use of personal data collection in the name of 'research'. It looks at how technological advances mean that government and military operations are starting to dehumanise people in the name of technology, particularly when it comes to making life or death decisions. 

We were approached by Stop Killer Robots to design a poster in support of the campaign. The documentary itself was released to the general public on Tuesday and can now be seen here:

To celebrate the film's release we have created two open edition posters in both A2 and A5 format and they are now available on our website. Click here.

Immoral Code film poster by Heath Kane

 Immoral Code documentary film poster by Heath Kane


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