Memoir by Chard: In Commentary We Trust

Memoir by Chard: In Commentary We Trust

Earlier this year I was contacted Memoirs by Chard (aka Lanré Lennox) asking if I'd like to be interviewed and talk about my work.

What started with a casual chat on the internet turned out to be quite an interview. Chard teamed up with contributing editor, Rachel Hart. Between the two of them they managed dissect my ramblings over an hour long Zoom call interview into 8 pages of written content.

They covered lots of ground, going into detail about the thinking behind most of my work, including my own personal background.

If you have time on your hands, check it out. If I wasn't the subject matter I think it would make great reading. Judge for yourself.

Read the full article here; Memoir V: In Commentary We Trust

Thanks again to Chard and Rachel. Top work!

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