Richer Than Batman Exhibition

On the evening of Thursday 9th September, I launched my new Richer Than Batman collection. Exhibiting at my own gallery in Saffron Walden, I partnered with local Saffron Walden beer shop Dead Time beers for a private viewing of the new collection...

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The Emperor's New Clothes

This weekend sees the launch of the first pieces from my new collection: The Emperor’s New Clothes. A more pop-art take on the original Rich Enough to be Batman, the collection is playful and dynamic and explores the pretence of wealth and opulence. These new pieces are just the start of the collection, with a variety of new styles and colourways to be released in the coming months.


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Art Car Boot Fair’s Flora and Fauna Event

In May of this year I was asked by Art Car Boot Fair to join their line-up of ecletic artists and exhibit my work at their online Flora and Fauna event. I particularly love taking part in this event because it feels like a collaborative effort across the industry. Also, during the uncertainty and loneliness of recurrent lockdowns it’s great to still be able to come together, albeit virtually, and celebrate art.


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Exhibiting at The Hickman, Whitechapel

n January of this year I was commissioned by The Hickman in Whitechapel to exhibit several pieces from my Portrait of Heroes collection. I teamed up with Art Acumen, and one of the UK’s leading property management companies: Great Portland Estates ( to bring the exhibition to life. I created two original paintings for The Hickman, along with five limited edition prints. All of which have now been framed and are displayed in their shared working space.


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Richer than Batman - David Bray collaboration

The Rich Enough to be Batman series has provided me with endless enjoyment creating them, but occasionally I want to push myself further and see what's possible, so I once again embarked on a discovery to collaborate with an artist who I felt could do something interesting together with. 

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Memoir by Chard: In Commentary We Trust

Earlier this year I was contacted Memoirs by Chard (aka Lanré Lennox) asking if I'd like to be interviewed and talk about my work.

What started with a casual chat on the internet turned out to be quite an interview. Chard teamed up with contributing editor, Rachel Hart. Between the two of them they managed dissect my ramblings over an hour long Zoom call interview into 8 pages of written content.

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Background Bob Project and BBC appearance

This is Noah.

Noah has hydrocephalus, epilepsy and cerebral palsy, and he has been painting on pieces of cardboard to raise money for the NHS. His Dad, Nathan reached out and asked if I would contribute.

A few months ago I found some time to screenprint on one of Noah’s original cardboard paintings.

This truly is an original collaboration. 

What's truly amazing is how the project went from grassroots to national news in no time. What's even more amazing is Noah managed to secure his debut show filled with all his collaborations at Firstsite Gallery in Colchester.

Today I met with Noah and his family at Firstsite, where I was invited to get a sneak peak at the show and rather nervously also be interviewed on the BBC One Show which you can see from the attached video below.

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Will Blood Collaboration - take 2

We're back at it. Just weeks ago we released two prints together, however since the demand was so strong we decided to do yet another print.

This is a cracker of a print as it nicely balances Will's skull of Her Royal Highness which were printed in pink and gold. As an added bonus I printed a seemingly clear overprint of phosphorescent ink for the mask which you see as a layer close up, however it really comes to life when you turn the lights out and discover a very apparent mask.

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As seen on Sky Art - Rebel Arts season

I managed to get tipped off that my works appears in the trailer for Sky Arts new "Rebel Art season" series. If you blink and you might miss it. Features work by street artists, Banksy, Ben Eines, Goldie, Sarah Maple, Chapman Brothers and others.

See episode online at Sky Arts

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