Dan Cimmermann

Dan graduated from Leeds Met University in 2001 with a first-class honours degree in Fine Art. His artistic practice revolves around large-scale figurative mixed media paintings, primarily using oil as his medium. Drawing inspiration from both traditional fine art and street art, Dan explores themes related to Britishness. He delves into what it means to be British, how other nations perceive our country, and the behaviour of Brits abroad (including grand tours, holidays, and stag parties). Additionally, he reflects on the lingering impact of Britain’s imperial history and how it shapes contemporary life. Cultural misappropriation and instinctive human behaviours—such as fighting, dancing, and contemplation—are recurring motifs in his work. Furthermore, Dan’s art often engages with political issues and current affairs. His creative process involves layering and merging elements of drawing and painting, resulting in a balanced composition that reveals a clear narrative in hindsight.

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